Welding Process - Alta Enterprises

Why would I want a welded pool cover? How do I know welding pool covers actually works? 

Those are the two questions we run into the most. Various industries have been welding fabrics for many years. A few of these industries include: the large fabric building structures you may have seen, the commercial roofing industry and the pond lining industry.  Alta is the only pool cover company in the United States to make the investment to replace outdated sewing technology to improve the durability and lifespan of pool covers. Our goal was to make the best pool covers on the market and we are proud to say we have succeeded. 

What makes Alta's covers the best and why do we weld our covers? 

Alta Enterprises’ welded covers are made of the strongest, most abrasion resistant material on the market.  We also use the same proprietary UV inhibitor found in fabric building structure material. This UV inhibitor is designed to protect pool cover fabric when it is exposed to the sun all day, 365 days a year and for several years down the road. Beyond material quality, what truly sets Alta’s covers apart from all the other covers on the market is our welding process.

All seams on Alta covers are welded on the top and the bottom, including the full perimeter edging. All seams are butt seams as opposed to overlap seams. While this is more labor intensive and takes longer to manufacture, it provides the strongest seam possible and it virtually waterproofs the covers. Sewn covers use an overlap seam that exposes the edges of all panels to the water. There are literally thousands of perforations in sewn covers from the sewing needle.

All of these perforations and exposed seams are points of entry for water; it can possibly double the weight of the panels from the water absorption. Perforating the covers at the seams also weakens them- think of the perforations in a paper towel sheet. Welding the covers creates a bond that is stronger than the base material. There is simply no stronger sewn seam on the market!

Alta offers an optional sun guard built into all welded covers. This means there is no need for a deck reel cover, due to the fact the sun guard is built into the pool cover. Because of the materials used in our manufacturing methods, Alta covers have the longest expected useful life. A properly cared for Alta pool cover can last 9 to 11 years. Alta’s standard cover warranty is 5 years. We are so confident in our pool covers’ performance we will match any manufacture warranty at no extra charge!