Automated Reel Systems - Alta Enterprises

Alta is the leading manufacturer of automatic reel systems with push button functionality. Our automated, automatic reel systems remove the hassle of deploying and retracting large pool covers. The only commercial automatic reel systems that offer one-touch functionality. Alta automatic reel systems deploy and retract large pool blankets on average in a minute and a half with the push of a button.


  • Wall-mounted systems for indoor pools
  • Battery powered deck systems for outdoor pool
  • 1 person can cover or uncover a 25yd pool in about minute and a half
  • No manual pulling, no pushing, no strings
  • Simple Touch Deployment System, anyone can do it
  • Saves time, saves energy, saves money
  • Get all the benefits of your blanket without the old hassles to get it on and off
  • No tracks, self guiding


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