Custom Pool Covers

We realize that not all facilities are the same.  Let us help you design the ideal pool cover and reel system solution for your facility.  We have designed custom pool covers and reel systems for over 800 municipalities, military bases, universities and K-12 schools throughout North America, please click here.

Energy saving Pool Covers

Energy conservation is of paramount importance to our environment.  But not only is it important for the environment, it is important for a facility’s budget. We are proud to say that our pool covers help our customers reduce their energy consumption anywhere between 35 – 40% annually.  For many customers this equates to an annual savings of $12,000 – $20,000.  For a price quote and to see how much you can save please complete our online form.

Automatic Pool Covers for Easy Operation

A pool cover that is easy to use will be used.  In less than two minutes, you can either retract your pool covers up and off of the water or deploy them onto the water with our automatic reels.  We are proud to be the leading supplier of automatic, wall mounted pool cover reels and we look forward to helping you save time and money covering and uncovering your pool with just the touch of a button. To see a demonstration of our automatic swimming pool covers, please click here.

Alta Enterprises has been a leading provider of commercial pool covers, automatic pool covers and pool cover reels - since 1989. We are known as the pool cover specialists.
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