The pool blanket that is easy to use... will be used.

Pool Covers from the Swimming Pool Cover Specialists

Alta Enterprises has been a leading provider of commercial pool covers, automatic pool covers and pool cover reels - since 1989. We are known as the pool cover specialists.

Custom Pool Covers

Alta has developed custom pool covers and pool cover reel systems for more than 400 universities and K-12 schools across North America. We customize all our pool covers for the location and use. We do custom university pool covers, public pool covers, health club pool covers, hotel pool covers and more. Alta automatic pool covers save time and energy.

Pool Cover Specialists

Energy saving Pool Covers

A hallmark of Alta swimming pool covers is energy efficiency. Our customers routinely experience a 35-40 percent reduction in their natatorium heating bill. This typically equates to $12,000-$20,000 in annual cost savings, depending on the size of the pool. To receive a cost savings estimate for your facility, please click here.

Automatic Pool Covers for Easy Operation

Alta is the leading supplier of automatic swimming pool covers with push button functionality. Our automated, electric reel systems remove the hassle of deploying and retracting large pool covers. At the touch of a button, Alta's automated, wall-mounted pool cover reels do all of the work - in less than two minutes. To see a demonstration of our automatic swimming pool covers, click here.

Free No obligation estimates for energy savings. References available upon request.

"Covering a pool when it is not in use is the single most effective means of reducing pool heating costs." — U.S. Department of Energy